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Plan to Improve Your Tax Health

Is your business looking healthy for year-end? Don't leave it till July 1 to start thinking about your tax for the 2019 year! If you are serious about keeping your business on track and putting the right tax saving strategies in place, then having an accountant review your business affairs before year-end should be a priority.

At Transcend Accounting, we place great importance on being tax ready. This means that planning for quarterly and annual tax obligations is a priority for us as we know how much our clients don’t like surprises.

Our tax planning review service includes the following key steps:

  • Reviewing the business or personal financial performance for the year to date

  • Projecting your business and personal income positions for the full year

  • Estimating the tax position of the business and owners

  • Identifying income tax minimisation strategies that may be utilised prior to year end

  • Applying relevant changes in legislation and those that may provide a tax saving

  • Meeting the business owner to discuss tax estimates and planning strategies

Many of our clients find the service valuable and have already opted in for a tax planning review for the 2019 year. We know there are many other businesses that do not do any tax planning that would benefit greatly from this service.

Contact us now on (07) 3446 5906 or via email to book your 2019 tax planning review!

If you or someone you know is not sure about the benefits of tax planning, why not get in touch with us.

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