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Handy XERO Features

Help Platform - Xero Central

Need some quick Xero support? The Xero Central help function should be your first reference point!

Either bookmark the site in your browser; or access it from within your Xero company file by selecting the question mark then “Help Centre”. Alternatively, type your question in the box provided for a shortlist of results.

Xero Central brings together all types of help files so you get the answers you need in one place. Here’s some of our clients frequently asked questions regarding their Xero file:

Xero Central is an easy to understand step-by-step help platform with short videos included giving you access to your answers at your fingertips anytime of the day.

Don’t forget we are always here to help however if you’re needing to find an answer to your Xero question quickly then we recommend giving Xero Central a try.

Graphs - Business Performance on Your Dashboard

If you have at least a couple of months' worth of transactions in Xero, you can have a range of graphs on your business performance dashboard. They can help answer questions such as 'How much margin do I make on my sales?' or 'How easily can I pay my bills?'.

Your business performance graphs are based on equations using account types from your chart of accounts. You can see the equation when you click on a graph's title.

As your accountants we can let you know which graphs are most relevant for your business or industry and also provide an insight into what particular graphs mean for your business.

Click here to view and add your business performance graphs to your Xero dashboard.

Payments Apps – Get Paid Faster

Did you know that over 60 per cent of people aren’t paying their invoices by the due date? Statistics show that on a 30-day term invoice, businesses won’t receive payment until day 36. This unfortunately can result in poor cash flow which is the lifeblood of any business as it is the most important metric of fuelling growth. A solution to help improve this could be to add a payment gateway app like PayPal, Stripe or Square to name only a few. These apps integrate seamlessly with your Xero software. Xero have noted - Invoices with Stripe and PayPal options get paid up to 10.4 days faster on average than invoices without them. By providing a number of payment options to your customers it allows for a faster and smoother transaction resulting in better cash flow for your business.

CANSTAR – Five Star Rating

Congratulations Xero on achieving the Canstar Blue most satisfied customers rating for the fourth year running! Xero has earned five stars for ease of use, ease of integration, reporting, value for money and overall satisfaction.

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