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Happier, Healthier Workplace in 2018

Are you looking to have healthy, motivated and switched on staff this year that can help you achieve your business goals? We have had a busy start to the new year and a workload that is continuing to increase, so now more than ever we see the importance of providing a positive workplace environment within our practice. To achieve this, we will be working towards creating a positive work culture by setting realistic and achievable healthy habits within the office. You may catch our Director John doing a few laps on the stairs or our Marketing guru Frances packing a healthy lunch. All small actions that contribute to leading a healthier lifestyle. With little or no financial investment, you can create a happier and healthier workplace! So why not join us on our mission and follow our healthy initiatives in your workplace, I’m sure our Allied Health clients would approve. After all, health is linked to happiness and a healthy worker is likely to be more motivated, productive and take less sick leave! Like and follow us on Facebook or look out for updates in our eNews to see our progress.

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