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Financial Resolutions

Have you set any financial resolutions this year? Most of us tend to start the new year off with some sort of money goal. Maybe you were hoping to upgrade the car or save for the overseas holiday you’ve promised the family for years. We’ve all been there ready to tighten our belts and commit financially. The problem is we often struggle to implement and achieve these goals! When it comes to setting financial resolutions, figuring out a good starting point isn’t always as easy as it seems. A popular way of setting goals is using the SMART theory: S – Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Relevant T – Time-related Some of our clients work with us on a quarterly or monthly basis and part of this service is identifying their goals for their business and investments. Once the goals or resolutions are set, you need a logical and straightforward guide to help you put an action plan in place. This will help you accomplish the goals. We recommend you take a look at ASIC’s Money Smart article on how to “Set and Achieve Your Money Goals in 2018”. For further information please follow the links below:

Budget Planner If you are unsure of what your goals should be, contact us on (07) 3446 5906 and setup a meeting with our director John Barrett for guidance.

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