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Cyber Security Tips for Business

Online cyber crime has increased by more than 30 per cent this year and the number continues to grow. Small Businesses are often an easy target for scams and it is always important to keep your business and client information secure. If your data is lost or compromised, it can be very difficult or very costly to recover it.

To avoid the potential impact of cyber fraud to your business here are some quick tips to follow:

  • Ensure your passwords are strong and secure

  • Remove system access from people who no longer need it

  • Ensure all devices have the latest available security updates

  • Do not use USBs or external hard drives from an unfamiliar source

  • Use a spam filter on your email account

  • Secure your wireless network and be careful when using public wireless networks

  • Be vigilant about what you share on social media

  • Monitor your accounts for unusual activity or transactions

  • Use a PO Box, or ensure your mail is secure

  • Do not download programs or open attachments unless you know the program is legitimate

  • Do not leave your information unattended

The ATO has developed these tips in consultation with the Cyber Security Working Group (CSWG). Please click here for further information.

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