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Preparation of Tax Returns

Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax
(CGT Advice)


Investment Property Cashflow Forecasting 

Building a Property Portfolio 

End of Financial Year Planning 


Advice / Assistance with Salary Sacrificing 


Wealth Creation Strategies and Advice 
(refer Investment Entity Reporting and Tax Compliance services)

At Transcend Accounting we work with you to not only manage, but to grow your personal wealth. We take the hassle out of tax time whether it’s a straight forward tax return or more involved with share investments, managed funds, rental properties and foreign income. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to maximise your refund and ensure you are receiving every possible deduction and tax offset available.

We utilise current technology to ensure the majority of the process is automated, resulting in less contact time, same day lodgement and faster refunds. With Transcend Accounting looking after your personal tax needs, you can be confident you are receiving the best possible advice and tax outcome.

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